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Excellent Educational Opportunities
in Napa Valley

Napa Valley is known for its stunning hillside vineyards, its abundance of activities, gourmet food and elite wineries, but it is also home to some of the best private schools in Northern California.

Napa Christian Academy

The Napa Christian community is one of passion, curiosity, and friendliness. Creating a safe, engaging, and spiritually enriching campus environment that supports lifelong learning is their top priority. They seek students whose curiosity drives them to explore and who they believe will best embody the schools values of excellence, responsibility, service, and spirituality.

Napa Christian seeks to cultivate a warm, family atmosphere so that each student and their family feel connected and involved in the community. Because Napa Christian's CONQUESTS program is different from anything else offered in the area, they ask that all families come for a tour before applying, if possible. 

Their educational philosophy takes students beyond the textbook into real, hands-on engagement with their studies and they are looking for students who are enthusiastic about getting out of the classroom to learn. Napa Christian works diligently to build a compassionate and close-knit community and to make a Napa Christian education accessible to all qualified students through tuition assistance. --Source Napa Christian Academy.

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